HMD/Crit Post

This is the HMD/Crit post for Cross Marian @ [info]marinasylum. I'm very receptive to crit and comments, so please feel free to leave some suggestions. Anon commenting should be on, and if it's not it's my IJ-ignorance showing.

Alternatively, you can contact me at:

AIM: Lenasillfame
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Timeline for Marina Asylum

Timeline - Cross Marian )

Relationships for Marina Asylum

Relationships Meme for Marina Asylum

Comment here to listen to the snark Cross has for your character. Or, if female, compliments on her endowment.

Marina Application

Marina Application )

[Marina] Cross and Kitty (by popular demand)

So I mentioned that I could write a book about Cross and how he feels toward Kitty and Haunt called my bluff. Then she inundated me with green, bouncy emotes. I was powerless.

There will probably be a fair bit of overlap with Cross-Allen dynamics with a smattering of Tyki, so I'll go ahead and warn for DGM spoilers through Chapter 210-ish.

The weirdest (and best) RP relationship ever, ITP )

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